Swegway Safety and Rules – SWEGWAY

Swegway Safety and Rules


Please note the personal balancing scooter (Swegway) may not be fit for young adults under 18 years of age. The batteries are 36V and the limit for children's electrical toys are 24V. 

Personal safety equipment should be used at all times whist on board the Swegway. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Protective headgear (helmet)
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Shoes at all times

A bicycle helmet that has been properly fitted will suffice as protective headgear.

The Swegway will only commence working once you board. Please board the device carefully and whilst holding onto a stable surface or handle. 

The Swegway is designed for recreational use indoors and on flat surfaces outdoors. 

The Swegway is not permitted to be used on public roads and footpaths. 

The Swegway should not be used on uneven surfaces. 

The Swegway speed can go up to 12km/h depending upon riders weight and the surface of the ground. Heavier riders will typically cause the Swegway to move more slowly. 

Riders should weigh a minimum of 20kg and a maximum of 100kg. Riders with weights outside of these limits may cause the Swegway to break or become unsafe. A rider under 40kg may cause the Swegway to become unbalanced and the gyroscopes to work ineffectively. 

We have become aware of a number of cheap, imitation boards being sold by a number of retailers across the UK. Most (not all) of these boards are dangerous and carry a risk of overheating and explosion. 

The main issues are around:

  • Cheap batteries
  • Lack of a cut-off switch in the battery which prevents over charging
  • Lack of fuses in the plugs

The chargers should also have light indication letting you know your swegway is charged. Once the light on our chargers goes from red to green, the charging is ceased and it's time to remove the charger from your Swegway. Both the battery cut off and the fuse would have to fail to cause overheating and explosions. To minimise this risk you can ensure you supervise the Swegway whilst charging and remove as soon as the battery charger light is illuminated green. 

All of our products are CE Certified and have undergone testing. All of our plugs are fused and conform to BS1363. We have test reports proving compliance with a number of UK and EU regulations including but not limited to:

  • ROHS test report and certification
  • CE test report and certification
  • FCC test report and certification

As our technology evolves we will be working closely with BSI to help set universal standards for the products not only provided by us but all retailers. We feel strongly about providing our customers with safe enjoyable products and will continue to do so. 

Please note any written request for certification and documentation can be made to:

Swegwayuk limited

527 Ecclesall Road


S11 8PR

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  • Laura Hodgkinson