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5 Reasons why Swegway hoverboards are the ultimate transport gadget


Hoverboards are making a comeback. Manufacturers have got their act together after previous problems and are now producing UL certified models, which means they are safe to use.  

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you must have seen that celebrities are flocked to hoverboards, which has upped their popularity. Singers Justin Bieber and NBA star J. R. Smith have been seen riding them.

Maybe you are thinking: Are these gadgets really good for me? The answer is probably yes as the convenience and cost-effectiveness they offer are something that everyone can benefit from.

If you still need reasons as to why this self-balancing scooter is a good buy, here are some of its major advantages: 

1. Perfect for urban living

Of course, you cannot forgo your subway ride to the office or your two hour drive to the hospital with this scooter. But it is perfect for smaller errands like going to the supermarket.

It is ideal for travel distances of 8 - 12km, and can take a max load of 100kg, so your trip to the supermarket becomes more than fun.

2. Eco-friendly

You are also benefiting the environment while you are choosing the two wheel scooter over a car. It's a win-win situation.

3. Easy to navigate

There is nothing complex in the way the scooter is controlled: all you have to do is lean forward when you want to accelerate, and lean back when you want it to stop.

4. Low maintenance 

It does not require heavy maintenance. You just need to periodically check up on the batteries.

5. Quality assurance

There are CE, FCC, UL2272, UN38.3, MSDS, RoHS2.0 certificates guaranteeing your safety.


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  • Ameena Nuashahi