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4 reasons a Swegway should be under every Christmas tree



It's been a couple of years since Swegways first hit the market and now they're all over the internet. But, Technology has been rapidly improving and the boards you see now are nothing like they were just a few years ago.

Take UK Swegways Swegway Plus for example. This is a fantastic example of how we’re moving to where a hoverboard is less a novelty and more of a legitimate way of travel. While the Swegway classics were fairly efficient themselves, the Swegway Plus is a cut above. 

Hoverboards are portable

While a hoverboard’s weight distribution is much denser than a bicycle, it’s size means that you can do much more with it, you can fit it in a back-pack, put it in the boot of a car or simply carry it around in one of our carry bags.

Fun for the whole family

A Swegway is a great way get family and friends together for some outdoor time while learning a new skill. There’s obviously a learning curve in getting yourself balanced and properly riding, so why not do it in the company of family and learn altogether?

Developing a new skill and balance techniques

Learning a new skill is always fun and when was the last time you learned how to ride a new method of self-transportation?

You’re going to have to learn to balance on one of these things while teaching yourself how to accelerate, decelerate, stop and turn without looking like you’re on a surfboard over rough tide. It might take you a little longer than usual and you may have a few tumbles along the way but you may as well learn this and get your feet wet with evolving technology at the same time, right?

But what about all the news reports about hover boards blowing up?

One of the biggest worries heading into Christmas season were combusting hoverboards. However, those fears started to get dashed a bit as we saw that it was often cheaper builds from marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon with components cutting corners of safety in order to be offered for cheaper.

For your personal protection, please be sure that you purchase a hoverboard that bears the UL 2272 certification stamp. 

ALL of our boards are UL certified.


Check out UK Swegways awesome selection of safe and tested Swegways here.



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  • Ameena Nuashahi