This Swegway race is epic!

This is the most recent in a long line of well-engineered, creative Swegway races, following a similar style to the previous ones we have talked about, but yet again this one has a number of original twists, both figurative and literal twists.

This particular video has been filmed at what looks like the grounds of a school, of which these lads make full use, adding a variety of elements based on their surroundings to further improve the calibre of their race.

The contest begins with the guys being required to throw a basketball through a hoop and score a goal all whilst on their Swegways, believe me, this is not as easy as it looks!

After this the Swegways must race down a nice flat,snaking stretch of tarmac, gaining speed before weaving their way in and out of a couple of bollards. 

From here the guys are required to dismount their Swegway and scale a fence to mount a second Swegway so they can jet off to the final section of the race.

All in all, everything goes pretty smoothly, well apart from the part where one of the lads forgets to turn their Swegway on!

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This family turn their driveway into an awesome Swegway racecourse

Family challenges really show off the Swegway as a fun for all ages device, also who doesn't love a good family challenge? They are generally heartwarming, competitive and most of all entertaining in every sense.

This family makes full use of their snaking, tarmac drive to create a simple Swegway course which involves nice flat straights which allow for speed coupled with cones which must be carefully and skillfully navigated if one hopes for victory.

The family's course design is pretty simplistic in terms of it's design, consisting of mainly chalk lines on the floor to outline the direction of the course coupled with a selection of carefully positioned cones creating sharp bends and turns.,

The course itself looks pretty easy upon first glance, however, once the family begin the challenge you realise it is quite the opposite. The lines must be followed properly in this challenge, meaning no cutting corners and no veering off, the lines must be followed perfectly and the cones must be navigated expertly.

Luckily everyone manages to stick to the course guidelines and the video makes for genuine entertainment.

It really does make you want to emulate or try a similar thing with your friends and/or family!

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Cool Swegway video challenge

 I know we say this about pretty much every video we post on here, but this is definitely one of the coolest Swegway videos we have seen, and that is for a number of reasons.

The first being that this guy has a pretty sweet apartment, I mean who here wouldn't want football goals positioned on opposite sides of a pretty large room flanked by a large window? Well, I can't speak for you lot but I know that I would like that, a lot. On top of that there are some pretty epic looking pillars going from floor to ceiling. And, by the looks of things, there is a balcony also in the mix.

The second reason this video is so cool is because they have two pretty special guests accompanying them for this video. These guests are grime legends JME and Tempa T. Who I didn't actually notice when I first began watching this video. These two not only give the video somewhat more star power but they also make it a whole lot more fun to watch in general. After all, JME somewhat pioneered the use of the Swegway, essentially becoming the poster boy for the gadget in it's early days.

Bearing in mind all these factors and more the video is a pretty good. It's videos like this that really want us to get on a Swegway and make our own!

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Are Swegways the perfect tradesman's tool? This guy thinks so!

Jackson ODoherty from Australia seems to think so! While raking leaves is hardly the most strenuous form of manual labour, it's by no means a relaxing task, but this guy makes it look easy with the help of his trusty two-wheeled device.

Now we wouldn't suggest a Swegway for every bit of manual labour, but it certainly seems like it may come in handy in many situations, such as this:

Now anyone who does joinery and the like would almost definitely welcome any opportunity to make sawing much easier, and the Swegway certainly appears to be doing just that!

But what if you aren't a joiner or a gardener? What if you are say... a painter and decorator? Well this guy has that covered as well...

Now that is just satisfying to watch!

That's still not the Swegways only manual uses, however, what about pulling a heavy load?


The only upsetting thing about all this is that your boss is unlikely to allow you to use a Swegway at work. In which case you will have to settle for having all your Swegtastic fun outside of work. Nonetheless we encourage you to check out our top class selection of Swegways, Segways as well as hoverboards and accessories online. The only downside is that we are unlikely to deliver your goods like this:


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Swegway Olympics

Swegways come in all shapes and sizes, we have the fantastic off-road X-Trail to the larger version of the Classic known as the Grande we essentially have you covered for whatever you may want to use these two-wheeled wonders for. On top of this they generally come in a multitude of colour ways, from outlandish patterns to classic colours and flashy metallic flavours.

There are many things you can do with a Swegway, as shown by previous sporting themed videos as well as a multitude of tricks and skills videos. 

These lads decided to take things to another level by using their whole flat as the stadium for their very own Swegway Olympics!

By incorporating football alongside obstacle courses while also adding a time limit for the speed and acceleration element. These guys incorporate humour by having the contestants proceed to enact humorous tasks such as swapping an egg box from one oven to another and opening the toilet door, proceeding to sit down and get back up and exit the room. 

We know we would love to give this a go, this seems like a bit of a no-brainer to try for anyone who lives in a shared house or has a large enough flat to make it fun, well anyone who is looking for fun.

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Crazy Swegway challenge!

This couple know how to have fun! With a crazy Swegway challenge, which includes one thing we have never seen done before with a Swegway, which is a tug of war. This one is pretty simple but also somewhat inventive. This family take their Swegs outside as well as around the house.

The tug of war element of the challenge seems like somewhat of a no-brainer, however, it isn't something we have really seen before but nonetheless we are definitely going to try it in the near future! And you should too.

We encourage users of our products to make similar style videos or take it to the next level in terms of creativity and inventiveness with their events.

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