Swegway American Football

Football is perhaps one of the only, if not the only, sports name worldwide which can refer to more than one sport. You have Australian rules, the actual rule part I am unsure of whereas the Australian element is much more self-explanatory, alongside this is the original British football, known in a number of regions as soccer, which I am most familiar with. This challenge, however, falls into the category of American Football, you know the one which is sort of rugby but with more padding, which seems kind of feasible a sport for Swegways.  

The Classic Swegways these lads use actually hold up pretty well on the astroturf they are playing on. Naturally, they don't actually play a full round of American Football to begin with but rather traverse the pitch they have made, whilst trying to throw the footballs themselves on target, into the bins at the far-side of the pitch.

Following these warm-up tasks, the lads get into a proper game, showcasing their balancing abilities as they tussle and touchdown across the pitch with gusto and vigor. Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun and the Swegways look like natural tools for the task, so long as you take care and the right precautions so as to not injure yourself, we fully recommend giving this a go!

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How the Swegway became part of everyday life

The Swegway burst onto the scene around the world in 2014 and proceeded to go from simply a rising star to the hottest item on the market for Christmases to come before proceeding to become a part of everyday life, a new form of transport for the fast-paced 21st Century. Many thought the Swegway may have been simply a trend, but the two-wheeled hoverboard has proved those wrong, still going strong today, the Swegway has shown its true staying power. But, how did it get here? Let's have a little look.

The Swegway first rose to prominence worldwide after celebrities and notable individuals, such as pop titan Justin Bieber, photographer and model Brooklyn Beckham and grime artist JME were all seen using the device on multiple occasions. 

This led to Swegways becoming the gadget to have for the next few years (it's still ongoing) and being on the top of many a Christmas list. From then on, Youtube and blogs were flooded with Swegway-related content, with people reviewing, showing off their insane skills, modifying their hoverboards or defying all logic by performing stunts on the devices. This produces some brilliant results to this day, with there seemingly being no end to the potential of the Swegway.

While not a direct knock-on effect of this boom in social media coverage, the Swegway began to branch out when a diverse range of models were produced, there is a larger model known as the Swegway Grande, an off-road model called the X-Trail and an update on the original Swegway Classic  known as the Swegway Pro.

This level of diversity meant that the Swegway could be used for multiple modes of transportation whether you be commuting or simply having fun, the Swegway could now roam the countryside as easy as it could prowl the urban cityscapes.

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Top Swegway modification videos

Let me first kick off proceedings by saying that we would not recommend that you try to modify your Swegway at home, you could end up breaking it and making it worse instead of upgrading it.

Nonetheless, watching people modify their Swegways is really fun to watch, they range from the 'why would you do that??' to the 'awesome!' and rarely fall inbetween. For this piece, however, I will probably just focus on the good ones as I don't really want to see anyone messing up and essentially destroying their hoverboard. So, without further a do, let's take a look at some of the top Swegway modifications that YouTube has to offer.

World's Fastest Swegway


This modification may look slightly crude, however, that does not mean that it is not effective. This Swegway reaches almost 20mph, which may not seem like much in the modern world of supercars and the like but for a Swegway that is pretty crazy. 

 Swegway... Rickshaw?

This one is a bit of an odd one, as I couldn't say with certainty what exactly it is but to me it's reminiscent of a rickshaw taxi. Obviously, at its most basic it is a trailer you would normally attach to a bicycle which has been modified to fit a Swegway. This is pretty impressive. Taking into account the weight and size of the trailer, this is pretty impressive as it moves well and swiftly.

Lego Swegway


Legway? Legoway? Who knows, either way, this is pretty cool. It doesn't really add too much to the overall ability of the Swegway but it is pretty cool aesthetically. It is by the same guys as the first video so you know it is well worth a watch!

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A Swegway race of epic proportions

Swegway challenges are rarely bad, but some are just better than others. Whether this is as a result of the form which the challenge takes or rather certain gimmicks employed in the video and even celebrity guest appearances in some cases.

Most Swegway-based videos take the form of challenges or some such type of video with a clear end goal in mind. When compiling a list of the best challenges, you would have to bear in mind a number of factors, such as the actual skill and difficulty level provided by the challenge as well as how entertaining it is.

I generally find that many Swegway videos sacrifice the actual entertainment value of the video in favor of showcasing their technical prowess on their hoverboards. The video below is actually a great combination of the two.

Epic Swegway Race!

This one is good for a number of reasons on top of the fact they use Swegways with a certain level of proficiency. For starters, the two presenters are exceedingly entertaining and engaging, obviously being good friends, they come across as genuine. Peppered with a few celebrity appearances from relevant stars such as Gary Cahill.

 These lads are brilliant on and off their Swegways, showcasing a natural talent for humor and showmanship as well an obviously good grasp of the actual riding of the Swegway.

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Which is the best celebrity Swegway endorsement?

In terms of Swegway icons, there are many, alongside its brilliant functionality and sleek design, this was perhaps one of the major factors for the small, two-wheeled device taking the world by storm. From teenage heartthrobs such as Brooklyn Beckham to, well, former teenage heartthrobs like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, everyone just loves the Swegway.

My renewed interest in the celebrity endorsement side of the Swegway came about as a result of Brooklyn Beckham's new book, What I See, wherein he is seen using a Swegway multiple times sandwiched between intimate photographs of one of the most private and well-respected families in the celebrity world.

This made me think of all the celebs who have used Swegways, but who did it best?

Justin Bieber

The former teenage heartthrob turned pop bad-boy has been spotted out on Swegways on multiple occasions, you could consider him one of the earliest to pick up the trend. He has showcased both the fun side of the Swegway, as well as the practicality of the device as transport, being seen doing tricks in a carpark one day while using one another day to travel down an airstrip towards his private jet. Here his pictured above using an X-Trail.

Usain Bolt

Even the fastest man alive needs to rest his legs sometimes. Bolt has been seen using a Swegway to travel through airports and across short distances. Perhaps it is the perfect remedy for the weary legs of one of the greatest athletes in history.

Brooklyn Beckham


Brooklyn Beckham is a hot commodity in the world right now, fresh off the release of his first ever photography book, at 19 the eldest child of clan Beckham is ready to take the world by storm. From modeling to photography Beckham does it all, and how does he like to get around from place to place throughout his busy schedule you ask? He uses a Swegway of course! But he doesn't just use a Swegway for getting about, check out this video of him dancing on Swegway.

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Do Swegways make it easier to do your shopping?

Personally, I wouldn't have thought of this myself, nonetheless, it makes total sense when you see it in practice and kind of feel like it is actually a pretty obvious thing to do when you think about it. As you see, it seems to annoy some people, but I can't really fathom why this is the case.

So basically, this guy decides it may be easier for him to use a Swegway as opposed to simply walking when tasked with shopping at a large hardware store. The Swegway's ability to be able to reach decent speeds combined with its superlative cornering make it a pretty perfect device and tool for this particular job. Watch as this guy weaves in and out of people and moves from aisle to aisle on his Swegway.

As previously mentioned, this seems to draw the ire of some other customers of the shop but I'm not quite sure why, the conclusion I reached was that perhaps they are jealous, as if they don't know that you can pick up a high-quality Swegway for pretty cheap these days.

Perhaps the main reason for the Swegway being such a brilliant device is that it is extremely versatile and multi-purpose.

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